Words can kill

I recently signed up with Ezoic. I was amused to find that they refused to run ads on some of my pages because of "Objectionable Content".

Below are the pages that Ezoic may NOT show ads on due to content that may be unappealing to advertisers.By not showing ads, we help protect your site from terms of service violations with Google and other ad networks.

Some of it was easy to understand. Certain four letter words had been used in comments at a few pages. I edited those out, but I can tell you that those pages have been there for many years and Google never objected to them. I get it though: Ezoic is just being extra careful.

I did run into a problem at a page that talked about monitoring employee web access. In mentioning the types of sites that might be blocked, that article used a word that rhymes with "born-a-graph-y" and is sometimes abbreviated as a four letter word rhyming with "born". Apparently that sets off alarms and the page showed no ads. While finding that amusing, I do get it and I changed the words. Google never blinked over those pages either.

The funniest part is that a number of pages here use three consecutive X's to represent random IP addresses. Ayup, those pages were objectionable too. I changed all those to "xyz" and shook my head in wonder.

While I understand Ezoic's reluctance to test Google's tolerance, I wonder if a scoring system might make more sense. I suspect it wouldn't be that hard to analyze context and come up with a likelihood that a page is objectionable. I imagine that's what Google itself does because I've never had any warnings from Webmaster tools in that area.

But for now, I have some editing to do.

Why I switched to Ezoic

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Words can kill


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