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Search Engine Marketing Test

Seomoz.org has posted a short Search Engine Marketing test that you might enjoy taking.

I did poorly on it; no problem in the technical section, but I pay absolutely no attention to Ask Jeeves, Amazon, etc. and pay very little attention to anything Microsoft is doing in this area, so those kind of questions found me blank.

But that raised the old nagging fear in my head: am I paying attention where I should? If I look at my server logs, I see very little that came from any search engine but Google. A quick grep of just under a million September 2005 log entries at aplawrence.com turned up:


So explain to me again why I should worry about Ask Jeeves or Microsoft in any way at all? There's only so much time in the day; I can't read everything, and frankly Msn and Jeeves are very, very low on my priorities. How about you? Do you care about how Ask Jeeves sees your pages?

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