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I had gotten up early this morning and wandered out to my computer still wearing pajamas. Because it was a little cool, I had thrown on a plaid jacket too. Appararently the combination of pajamas and this jacket was a little startling, because when my wife got up an hour or so later, she burst out laughing upon spotting me. A few moments later she left and then came back carrying a pile of clothes which she requested that I put on "as soon as possible". She then walked off, still chuckling.

OK, I have no color sense. I know that - well, really I don't know it, but I know that I have to rely on other people to tell me that color X pants are hideously garish when combined with color Y shirts. Oh, I know the no brown socks with black shoes and only whites with sneakers basics, but beyond that, I'm clueless.

As it happened, I was reading this Should You Tell People Their Blog Design is Ugly? post when my wife first came in. I guess some people get hurt feelings when someone points out their fashion gaffes or notes a defect in their blog design. I don't: I know I have no talent for colors, typography, layout. I just try to copy what seems to work for other people and hope for the best.

So: if you are someone with aesthetic sensibilities, please do feel free to tell me what you don't like. I might not change it, perhaps because of technical difficulty or sheer laziness, or perhaps because it's something like my logo that I have sentimental attachment too, but I will listen and I won't be offended. And if it is a technical lack ("Dude, you abso-freaking-lutely need to have..", I will pay even more attention.

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Thu May 1 14:10:47 2008: 4160   rbailin

Actually, the fact that your website doesn't look like a ransom note demonstrates that you do have a good sense of typography and layout. My only concern is why, after all these years, is your logo scanned at what looks like 25 dpi? (Just slightly better than ASCII art.) Even if the original is from some 19th century wood block catalog, they still didn't look like that.


Thu May 1 16:26:03 2008: 4161   TonyLawrence

It probably was scanned at 25 DPI - that was a long time back..:-)

I have the original somewhere - really should get that redone, shouldn't I?

Wed Dec 31 21:07:30 2008: 5017   TonyLawrence

By the way, the logo is being redesigned right now. I've been promised completion by the middle of January.


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