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What's your niche?

My sister is getting close to retirement age. You wouldn't know it; like most of my family, she looks much younger than she really is. She's under no particular pressure to leave her job; they aren't likely to lay her off or force her to retire anytime soon, and she does still enjoy what she does, so actual retirement may be several years away. Besides, there's always that question of money. Most of us nearing retirement didn't have 401K's for the greater part of our working life, and few of us saved enough to live very comfortably. Social Security doesn't pay all that much, does it?

So she has talked about working part time, perhaps something closer to home, ideally something she could walk to.. I suggested that it is a very short walk to her computer.

Of course I mean that she should create a blog site. She has a hobby: pet birds. Every time I see her she has stories to tell about her birds, and it's not all the cutesy "and then the parrot said" type. Nothing wrong with the cute stories, people do love them, but she has also learned an awful lot about raising, feeding, training and breeding. Her husband says she often knows more than the pet store people, which doesn't surprise me a bit. As everyone else in our family is, she's a voracious reader and absorbs information quickly. As she's also very good at disseminating information, and writes well, and is intelligent, witty and entertaining (don't tell her I said that), it would seem to me that a pet bird blog would be ideal for her. I pointed her at my Just two posts a day article and told her to get started writing. If she starts now, by the time she is ready to retire, she should have a decent following and some extra income rolling in.

So what's your niche? What hobby of yours could be turned into a blog?

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One way to help is to cut back on expense. While I would never take it this far, you could learn a bit from living a minimalist life style.

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