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You get an email that runs something like this:

I came across your site and am really impressed. I have a similar website that I'd like to get more exposure for. What I can do is offer you unique keyword rich articles written on topics related to both our sites. All of the articles will be on interesting topics relating to the windows registry or related computer topics and of course, will be search engine friendly. These quality articles will help you in your search engine rankings, and will never be published on another website.

OK.. so you ask for a sample, and you know what? It's not such a horrible article. It actually may contain useful advice about Windows troubleshooting. And while it's almost certainly not unique in the sense that you could easily find thousands of other posts on the same subject, you won't find exactly that article anywhere else. There's just one thing wrong..

The links are to pages trying to sell a useless product.

No, not porn (which is what I expected it to be). No cleverly hidden popups on the page you would publish. Nothing really wrong with it at all, except the links to that useless product.

Well, you know from the title of this post what that pointless product is. No doubt one or more of the context sensitive ads here will pick up on that too and put out an ad or two for "that product".

Oh, yeah, I know: some people insist these things are useful. A long thread at https://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/expertzone has several folks get quite heated up about the subject. Those in favor of such things often point to this apparently Microsoft sanctioned article. A Wikipedia posting has nothing but good things to say about these tools. I'm still of the opinion that there is no use for these things at all. Maybe, maybe they had some value back years ago, but I just do not believe it now. Yes, I've used them, and no, they never made a bit of difference, never fixed anything worth fixing, never improved anything.

Possibly your experience is different, but I doubt it, and I certainly wouldn't want to see anyone add to the giant pile of web junk by publishing articles like those.

What do you think?

Got something to add? Send me email.

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Fri Nov 9 15:50:36 2007: 3240   drag

Computer snakeoil. Sometimes poisonious.

Even Microsoft has no real idea about how to deal with the registry effectively, but some anonymous company (probably ran out of their mom's garage) with no access to Microsoft's source code does?

I don't think so.

Same thing can be said about 99% of the 'defragging' tools (including Microsoft's own), and especially those 'Double your ram' scams that doubled your ram by changing a registry setting that set the swap file larger. And to a lesser extent anti-virus, which while not a greasy as 'double your ram' software it's about at the same level of honesty as used car salesmen. (in other words: use it if you want, trust it even, but at your own risk)

I don't know if you had a article about this before, but it should be required reading for any Windows user:

Sat Nov 10 19:21:20 2007: 3243   BigDumbDinosaur

I consider registry "cleaners" to be in the same league as those gadgets that were suppoed to double your gas mileage back in the days when cars were carbureted. In fact, People who market registry "cleaners" are in the same class as psychics, ghost-whisperers and exorcists.

Sun Nov 11 20:36:50 2007: 3249   anonymous

Thanks for your advice. Very useful If Microsoft cannot fix our problems, I do not want a sofware that will wreck the registry . Lots of negative comments outthere about these products.


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