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Picking your subject for best Adsense results

© December 2005 Tony Lawrence

No, this is not about going out and finding high paying keywords and writing copy designed to attract ads for those words. Well, it's a little bit about that, but without the soulless mercenary aspect.

I don't believe that most people can "write to order". Some can, of course. Give them a subject, let 'em do a little research, and they'll whip out an impressive made to order post. Most of us can't do that: go back and review your old school term papers if you think you can. If you find that those papers actually were interesting and educational, maybe you do have that knack, and I wish you well in what is bound to be a very lucrative blogging career.

But most of us write best when we already have a passion for our subject. If coin collecting is your fanatical hobby, you can probably write more enthusiastically about that than something you have little interest in. Maybe you could write to order, but it would be hard, right? Most of us would agree with that.

But that doesn't mean that you can't find the optimal keywords within your chosen category. For example, if you are equally capable of waxing on at length about mid 19th century American pattern coins (coins specially made, often to show proposed designs to Congress folk) or the subtleties of early English copper coins, it would make sense to write more about whichever attracts the higher paying ads and more appropriate ads. I don't mean that you shouldn't write about what you know well and want to expound upon, but if you have equal fervor for either subject, why not write mostly about the one that pays better?

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-> Picking your subject for best Adsense results

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