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http://www.netratings.com provides interesting and useful statistics about home and business use of the Net. It is, in itself, a popular site, and is a bit slow at times, but contains such information as how many pages folks visit in a month (twelve or thirteen hundred, apparently) and the popularity of ad sizes.

For avoiding ad blindness, it's useful to know what the most popular sizes are (though the next question is should you avoid those sizes?), and the listings of the most types of sites that attract the most ads is also of at least minor interest.

What I couldn't find here (although I know they track it) is search engines relevance. It's been reported that Microsoft search is dropping in popularity rapidly (no doubt causing Mr. Ballmer more upsetting moments), but perhaps you have to be a paid subscriber to obtain that information directly from NetRatings.

Their Press Room is a good source of tid-bits, though. For example, they recently reported that RSS users visit three times as many news sites as non-RSS users; a good reason to get RSS working if you have not already done so.

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