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© November 2009 Anthony Lawrence

We've had problems in the past with unruly visitors from the Linux Haters Blog and Something Awful. Recently, we had a few more of this type trying to disrupt the site with inappropriate and argumentative comments.

I tend to be very tolerant, but these people push it way too hard. Because of them, I'm forced to implement a partially moderated comment system.

Here's how it works: if you are unknown to me (or haven't commented in some time) or post anonymously, your comment will not appear until I approve it. That could be a matter of minutes, but it could also be delayed for a full day.

If you are known to me, and at least the first two octets of your ip match an ip we have seen with your name before, you will be automatically approved. This should let honest comments flow quickly without the need for approval but still require moderation for the rest.

I think this will work well. It shouldn't be onerous for the regulars, but it should prevent ugliness such as we had in the past few days.

I'm sorry for the need to do this, but I suppose it goes with the territory. If those jackasses saw us as unimportant, they wouldn't waste their time, right? So, in a perverse way, it's a sign of success.

Got something to add? Send me email.

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Fri Nov 27 17:39:37 2009: 7669   BrettLegree

I don't blame you for doing this, Tony. It was a shame that some people couldn't behave themselves - I mean, whatever happened to being able to have a friendly debate on things.

As you say, it is sort of a sign of success for you.

Sat Nov 28 16:58:12 2009: 7673   BigDumbDinosaur

Sounds like a good policy to me. The Internet's great strength is the ease at which thoughts can be shared with others. Alas, the Internet's great weakness is the ease at which thoughts can be shared with others. It seems too many "Internet monkeys" have taken over and rather than using reasoned approaches to debating matters that warrant debate, prefer to attack anyone whose opinion isn't the same -- much like our politicians do.

If it were me running this site, I wouldn't allow anonymous posts -- period. If one has an opinion, don't hide behind the cloak of anonymity. I sure don't, eh? <Grin>

Sat Nov 28 20:24:03 2009: 7674   TonyLawrence

We might have to get to that someday, but it is a hassle. I personally don't like it when I have to register just to leave a small note.

Sun Nov 29 00:36:15 2009: 7680   Katie

Hi, I need some help with operating systems.

I'm usually pretty good with computers; I've installed operating systems like Office 2007, Photoshop, and Firefox by myself, but I'm having trouble with Ubuntu.

I was going to make the switch to a Mac but a guy in my class told me I have to try Linux Ubuntu because it's just like a Mac.

He gave me a DVD to install and I can't get it to work. I double click on it and nothing happens.

If someone can tell me what I'm doing wrong, that would be great!

ps. Anger much? LOL why are the comments here so aggro?

Sun Nov 29 00:46:01 2009: 7681   TonyLawrence

Normally comments aren't so angry,- we just had some visits by people who hate Linux and don't care about anyone else.

Anyway - first off, no Linux is not "just like a Mac". They both are Unixish operating systems, so are alike in that respect, but are vastly different in many areas.

He probably gave you an install DVD - you boot from it, not click on it.
See more at (link)

Sun Nov 29 00:57:32 2009: 7682   TonyLawrence

Somebody might be pulling my leg, but just in case:

Office 2007, Photoshop, and Firefox are not operating systems. If that wasn't just a typing mistake, you probably are not ready for Ubuntu. Buy a Mac or stay with Windows for now.

Sun Nov 29 02:27:11 2009: 7683   Katie

I meant to say that Office 2007 and Photoshop are operating systems and Firefox is a search engine. Sorry. I told you I need help!

Do you mean that I need a Mac for Linux Ubuntu and that it won't work on a PC? I have a Dell, I don't know if that matters.

Sun Nov 29 12:46:21 2009: 7685   TonyLawrence

No, Office 2007 and Photoshop are not operating systems. Windows is your OS, those are applications.

No, you don't need a Mac for Ubuntu. But it is an Operating System which has to be installed - either on physical hardware or in a Virtual Machine (like VMWare, Parallelels,Virtual Boc, etc.)

So - you can replace your Windows OS with Ubuntu. You can partition your Windows OS to shrink it and then install Ubuntu for dual booting. Or you can buy something like VMWare etc, install that in your Windows and then use that to install Ubuntu.

Sun Nov 29 16:22:43 2009: 7688   BigDumbDinosaur

I meant to say that Office 2007 and Photoshop are operating systems and Firefox is a search engine.

Firefox is a web browser. You can use it to get to a search engine, such as Alta Vista or Google.

Sad to say, but the sort of misunderstanding that Katie displayed in earlier posts is quite common among untrained computer users. Many learn what they know from others who are equally clueless. I can't tell you how many times I've had people call asking for help and saying that they had run out of memory, when the actual problem was the disk was full. Or asking why they couldn't open something.pdf with MS Word.

Sun Nov 29 19:46:58 2009: 7694   manny


you may want to try the ubuntu forums (see the "Absolute Beginner Talk" section)


for years i've gave support over there is a great place. my nick is "madjr"

because of ton of work i've havent been able to help with troubleshoot lately.

if you can't get your friend to help you you should find enough help there.

Dell usually works very well with ubuntu.

i also recommend this video

"wubi" is the easiest way to install ubuntu

download wubi

and it should automate the install for you.

it's great if you want to try it. if you dont like it uninstalling it is even easier

Mon Nov 30 19:09:31 2009: 7698   drag

If Katie is a real person probably the best recommendation is to have her look for somebody to help her out personally. Installing a new OS is something that is rather technical, regardless of the OS, so unless she can find somebody with expertise to personally help her out then I'd say it would probably be best for her to stick with something that works.

That is not to say that a lay person can't handle installing Ubuntu. It's just that it's probably going to be a very frustrating experience.

Mon Nov 30 21:46:47 2009: 7701   TonyLawrence

Yeah, it's easy to forget how much of what seems so easy can be confusing and intimidating when new to it. Sometimes when naive customers ask me if they can do this themselves, I say "Yes, if it doesn't matter if you have to stop in the middle because something isn't working or because you aren't sure how to answer a question. Otherwise, let me do it."

So, Katy - if it doesn't matter that the computer you install on could become unusable, go ahead. Otherwise, get help.

Fri Dec 18 09:11:16 2009: 7765   francois


I have found your site a very useful resource for SCO for several years, as we have an old open server still chugging happily along here, but have never commented-it is a pity that trolling is a feature of websites (not just yours) I don't know why so many pathetic and angry people feel the need to insult complete strangers.
Anyway keep up the good work!


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