Targeting customer interests with multiple Google Plus Pages

Although mostly overlooked in the general excitement about Google+ business pages, it's important to realize that you are not limited to just one page for your business. If your business sells multiple products or services, you may very well want to create pages for each part.

Effectively, this lets people "subscribe" to specific channels of information. Google suggests doing that with Circles, but that would require your customer/reader to tell you what Circle or Circles they want to be in. By breaking your business into specific pages, you are letting them tell you where their interests lie.

I've created five Google+ "pages" and I suspect that I'll be creating more. These pages can naturally form a hierarchical structure that will provide benefits to me and my customers.

For example, I created a page for my business as a whole and a page for the Kerio products I sell and then also created a page for a specific Kerio product: Kerio Connect Mailserver. I will later create pages for the other products soon, but for now, let's see how I can use these three pages and my existing personal page.

When I post something about Kerio Connect, I'll do that on my Kerio Connect page. I'll also login to my more general Kerio products page and reshare the original post there. Of course it makes sense to login to my overall business page and do the same resharing there. Finally, I'll reshare that from my personal login, giving me four places where I have exposed that post.

Your customers

Now let's see it from a customers point of view. If their only interest is in news about Kerio Connect, they no longer have to follow me and read all my rantings about this, that and the other thing. They instead can follow just that specific page and not be bothered by posts in which they have no interest.

If they own multiple Kerio products, they could follow each of my pages individually or my more general page that will have reshared any posts about Kerio.

If their interest is more general, they can follow my all-inclusive business page or even go to the top of the pile to read my personal Google+ posts.

Business pages are not like personal pages

Google's help page explains some of the important differences between a personal page and a business page. One in particular is that these pages don't receive notifications via email, text, or in the Google bar. That means that you won't know when someone decides to follow that page or reshare a post. However, Google promises that many measurement tools will be coming soon.

Note that there is no particular reason for your business page to Circle people who have circled it - they WILL see your Public posts whether you reciprocate or not. As Add people to Google+ page circles explains:

Keep in mind that to share with someone, you don't need to add someone to a circle after they've added your page. People who've added you, but whom you don't reciprocally add to circles, will still receive your public posts in their stream.

Using brand names

One area that may change here is that, at least right now, Google does nothing about counterfeiting pages. This will probably be corrected soon, but there may very well be an over correction: for example, I might not be able to use "Kerio" in my page name in spite of being an authorized partner and reseller. Therefore, you may want to not get too attached to your chosen page name if it includes someone else's brand. Fortunately, you are allowed to change the name (and may be forced to).

Overall, the ability to create multiple pages opens up exciting marketing possibilities. I intend to make full use of this in the days and weeks to come.

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