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Hello to Moldova

© February 2008 Anthony Lawrence

If you go way down to the bottom of the page at this site's Alexa stats, you'll find a section titled "Aplawrence.com traffic rank in other countries". You can expand that list also; here's some of it as it was Saturday morning:

United States 14,731
Indonesia 26,827
India 29,499
Australia 30,300
United Kingdom 34,746

With Alexa, big numbers mean less popularity, which means that by and large, the French don't like me much.. hey, my maternal grandparents were French (well, French Canadian), but apparently that's not enough to win favor in France. On the other hand, we do better in Moldova than here in the U.S.A.

Unfortunately, Google Analytics doesn't let me break out Moldovan visitors easily, though I do know that we had 62 visitors from there in the last month. With a bit of effort I could parse my log files myself to see the details, but I'm too lazy. However, this odd little quirk caused me to check out a few other sites. I happened to look at IttyBiz.com and found that site ranks as number 402 in Eritrea, which makes them just as popular as Aol.com is in Slovakia..

Does your site have a fan base in an unexpected place? Or somewhere like France apparently not liking your style?

Got something to add? Send me email.

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-> Moldova readers outrank U.S.


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Wed Feb 20 18:01:21 2008: 3684   MikeHostetler

I pay attention how people found my blog and my #1 search term, way ahead of the pack, is where I talk about our Kenmore Dishwasher. I talk about Java, Linux, Python, etc. etc but those don't even compare to an article about our Kenmore Dishwasher.

Crazy stuff . .

Wed Feb 20 18:05:09 2008: 3686   TonyLawrence

Could be worse.. some people inadvertently rank high for certain objectionable searches..

I'd suggest putting some Google ads on that page!


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