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I want YOU at Bubblews

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Take a deep breath. I'm about to invite you to join another social network.

This one is called Bubblews and it might be a complete waste of time. The place could die tomorrow for all I know (though it has survived the past few years and seems to be having a growth spurt).

If you ever do anything on Twitter, Facebook or G+, I think you should try this. If you have a blog, you should try this. If you've ever written articles at HubPages or eHow or anything like that, you should try this.

Why? Because I think this place has a better idea.

First, the Bubblews interface is clean and simple. There's nothing fancy about it - you post straight text and pictures and that's it. They do not allow affiliate or referral links, so nobody can use it for spammy selling.

They require a minimum of 400 characters (characters, not words) of text, so you can't just post "What's up, dude?" unless it's in a comment. That keeps the lowest of the cretins off the site. You aren't limited otherwise (at least not that I know of), so you can post full length manifestos if you want.

So far, this sounds like Facebook, right? A bit more restrictive with the 400 character minimum, but same idea, right?

No, it isn't. At Bubblenews you get PAID.

I've been there four days, writing, socializing, blabbing on about this or that, reading and commenting on this or that and I earned $15.00. No great fortune, but realize: those are things I do anyway. If I do them at Facebook or Googleplus, they get rich and I get nothing. Yes, three or four dollars a day is just coffee money, but I can see where it could easily become more than that.

But whether it does or does not, as I said, I'd be doing it anyway. I might as well do it where I get something back - it's like the cash back credit cards I have in my wallet: if the store takes the one that pays me something, I'll use that rather than the one that doesn't.

So is it a social site or a writing site?

I think that Bubblews is both a social media AND a writing site. You could also see it as a forum of sorts as posts are classified by broad categories and sub-classified by user tagging. But remember: these guys are sharing the profits with you. Bubblews is your cash back credit card, and it is cash, not airline miles you'll never use.

The advertising isn't obnoxious either - in fact, I barely notice it at all.

Will I see you there?

I hope so. I really detest that Mark Zuckerberg makes a fortune from other people's work and would like to see this idea really take off. I understand that it's a chicken and egg issue: if your friends and family aren't there, why should you be? Conversely, why should they be if you are not? There's only one answer to that and that is that it has to start somewhere sometime, so let somewhere be you and sometime be now.

I'm "pcunix" there, so I'm easy to find. If you do join, "Connect" with me and say "Hi!". I hope you will.

Got something to add? Send me email.

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-> I want YOU at Bubblews.


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Thu Sep 12 02:54:55 2013: https://www.bubblews.com/news/613306-life-is-not-a-race-it-is12307   Bach


I too am a bit of a Mac / Linux evangelist Anthony. I bought my first Mac not long after it first came out (I couldn't afford a Lisa). I also owned a machine which in some ways contained the precursor of the Mac. It was a machine from Xerox which had a fairly sophisticated GUI and a mouse. And of course you probably already know that Steve Jobs "borrowed" those two ideas from Xerox Parc.

I think I'll have some fun perusing your site.

Feel free to contact me at the email I provided in order to post here. I expect we may very well have some interesting conversations.

Chris (Bach)

P.S. For anyone else reading this comment, Anthony is right. Bubblews is a pretty fun place (albeit with a slightly goofy name) where you'll meet some interesting people. Come on by. :)

Thu Sep 12 08:43:29 2013: 12308   TonyLawrence


I think I recently broke the email side of this! I haven't captured any email addresses in the last 100 comments or so..

I guess I better fix that.

Thu Sep 12 08:47:58 2013: 12309   TonyLawrence


Ooops, no, I didn't break anything :-)

Got up too early this morning..


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