Google Plus Business pages are open now

Google-Plus now allows business pages. You seem to need a Google Plus account to create your pages, but of course you don't need to post anything at all on that account.

If you need an account, click here.

You can create as many individual pages as you need. I immediately created pages for several aspects of my business.

Manage Google Business Pages

You do need to select a broad category and then a more specific category within that. Look through the various choices to find your best fit. I found "Books" under "Arts, Entertainment and Sport" but put my Kerio page under "Software" in "Product or Brand".

Google Business Pages Categories

I select which one I want to work with by a drop-down:

Google Business Pages Selection

Don't forget to go back to fully fill out your profile on the "About" page: Google's page creation wizard doesn't take you to do that.

You can see how these look through these links:

This is very easy to do and of course is just one more way to advertise your business.

Got something to add? Send me email.

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