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Google Affiliate Programs

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Google may be sticking its toes into Affiliate Programs. They apparently are calling these CPA (Cost Per Action) ads, but what that means is that publishers get paid not for clicks but for some specific action at an advertiser's site: buying something, providing information, whatever. That's an Affiliate Program, Google is just naming it something else.

Interestingly, this comes at the same time that eBay is murmuring about its own affiliate style thingy. What they intend to do is let sites like this run ads pointing at appropriate auctions. For example, we might run ads for auctions related to computer hardware, and would get paid if someone reading here clicked through and won the auction (or purchased a Buy It Now item).

Well, heck, I though that might be interesting, so I moseyed over and tried to sign up. Turns out eBay intends to use Commission Junction as their processing arm for this. That caused me to scowl a bit: CJ has a bit of a negative connotation in my mind because of earlier experiences. I had a CJ account once but let it lapse because, well, because the programs offered were too slimy and hucksterish for my taste.

Long story short, the folks at CJ, master marketers that they are, won't let me sign up because I canned the program I originally signed up for. This is what they said, honest:

As stated in the Publisher Service Agreement, if any of our Publishers do not generate revenue for more than 6 months, we automatically deactivate them. This policy ensures that our network is efficient and beneficial to our Advertisers and Publishers. Since your account is no longer active in our network, your page will register as "expired" among the advertisers with whom you were previously affiliated. Unfortunately, deactivated accounts are not eligible for reactivation.

Isn't that brilliant? They go on to say that I can "sign up for another account using an alternate e-mail address". Oh, I see: I'm rotten meat as publisher because YOUR program wasn't any good, but I should feel free to use another email address to get back in good graces. That's like telling the guy who mugged you last night that he can do it again if he will just wear a different mask. Except I didn't mug them; they mugged me. Yeah, I know: bad analogy.

Anyway, I bet that just the use of CJ alone will turn off more than a few publishers who might otherwise have been interested. What's up with that, E-Bay? Surely you could handle your own affiliate program - why did you bring these guys into it? Especially since Google is the 800 pound gorilla likely to turn CJ into a a quivering pile of mush. What was eBay thinking?

I'm thinking the heck with eBay, and I'm looking forward to Google's CPA ads, that's what I'm thinking.

CPM and CPC advertising has been paying less and less, no doubt because of the tremendous amount of click fraud: it just makes sense for advertisers to lower their bids to compensate. But CPA is an entirely different story. For example, I run ads advertising Kerio products. I pay Google 75 cents or less per click, but I'd pay a heck of a lot more for anything that actually turned into a sale - or even a legitimate prospect. I'd love to be able to do CPA ads with Google on that. And on the other side, I'd like to run appropriate and relevant CPA ads here, too.

Well, the program isn't public yet, so we'll have to wait for details. And who knows, maybe eBay will wake up and realize CJ is a lousy partner for their venture into advertising affiliate programs.

I'm not holding my breath.

Got something to add? Send me email.

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Thu Aug 17 05:27:27 2006: 2403   anonymous

I made list of adsense alternatives, have a look


Wed Feb 27 15:01:25 2008: 3714   Snooper

Hi there, I like sombody to tell me for sure what other afiliate programs goes with Google Adsense without makin any conflict in relation with Adsense??? Also would like to presente my new website which is about Adsense and making money online. Can anyone tell me opinion over it.

Wed Jul 30 14:46:30 2008: 4461   anonymous

snooper you have great content in your new web page. the only thing that i can see wrong is that it needs to be edited for grammar.

Thu May 14 14:25:26 2009: 6366   anonymous

Try using highprofits.com, a much friendlier affiliate program with conversion rates of 1 sale in 7 clicks on one product!

Thu May 14 15:37:08 2009: 6367   TonyLawrence

Highprofits.com Looks like typical scam junk to me.

Thu Jan 14 07:24:26 2010: 7906   Kevin


I can see no reason why a webmaster would run any of this CPA advertising, especially with a NET 60 or NET 90 payment wait.

I think the CPA vendors that Google has attracted for this program could dream that a serious webmaster would take this program seriously.

Thu Jan 14 11:09:25 2010: 7907   TonyLawrence


CPA pays more than CPC or CPM. It's as simple as that.

Thu Jan 14 19:46:34 2010: 7909   Kevin


On what planet does CPA advertising beat CPM or CPC advertising? Am I missing something? My experience with Amazon, Commission Junction and Linkshare is that it's a miracle if you make anything at all.

If you could find me a CPM of $5 by any strategy, I'm all ears. I've been doing this for 6 years and my experience with CPA is dismal.

Thu Jan 14 19:53:40 2010: 7910   TonyLawrence


Amazon has lousy conversion because so many people use it. You might notice I only use it for filler here; it isn't worth much.

I have CPA links here that pay quite well. It's just a matter of how interesting they are to your visitors. If the interest is low, you'll have lousy payouts. Simple as that.

Sun Mar 21 05:04:12 2010: 8246   EdwardLeeMurphy


I received a call - about becoming a google affiliate-I am requesting more information on the opportunity.

Tue Jan 4 02:31:56 2011: 9198   CindyEyler


I am in need of an affiliate program which will allow me to advertise [either with banner or text link] on someone else's website and it is trackable so if someone purchases they make their commission. I've been looking on google for possibilities, but I find myself now even more confused.

Do you have any good recommendations? I appreciate any help.!


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