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Google and Sun and Microsoft resume writers

I bet a lot more Microsofties are thinking about how their resumes might fly over at Google after reading about Sun and Google planning on entering the office software realm.

Interestingly, the stock market reacted by dropping prices on both Microsoft and Google.

Some analysts think this is all just positioning right now: Google wants to distract corporate buyers from Microsoft's upcoming Office 12. There's plenty of other upset for Microsoft in that area, such as Massachusetts requiring open document formats and the growing popularity of Mac and Linux, but Google is the big scary monster that clunks around the internet scaring the heck out of everyone (that's the same internet that Microsoft ignored for years, of course).

I expect to see Microsoft's PR machine spreading a lot of fud about the dangers of using anything but Office. There will be horror stories and scholarly articles about the folly of open source, and of course they aren't likely to neglect software application hosting, as that's probably the model Google has in mind: you won't be downloading Google Office, you'll use it in your browser. Of course Microsoft can't say too much against that as it's a model they'd very much like to do themselves. But they can't just sit back and do nothing, can they?

Of course not. What they should be doing is working on their resumes. Hint to the 'softies: it's OK to use Word this one last time.

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