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Google Goofs

© December 2005 Tony Lawrence

Wow. When Google introduces something new, it's usually at least "ok" - rough edges, maybe less functionality than we'd like, but usable and often interesting because of new possibilities.

This new Google Reader is the pits.

I can't imagine anyone using this. It seems broken, badly designed.. it's just awful.

Right off the bat, if I search for content, I can come up with plenty of quite reasonable words that turn up nothing. If Google Reader does find content, it shows me a page full, but tells me "Not all sites have feeds yet so some sites may not have content available for subscription.". Huh? If this is "Google Reader", which has the purpose of managing RSS subscriptions, why would it include sites that don't have available subscriptions? Next, what if I don't care for the handful of sites it displays? Is there any way to see more? If there is, I don't see it.

But let's say I do see something I like and it does have a subscription. The brain dead Reader says that it will show me anything new that comes along, but it doesn't show me anything already in the feed now. That's simply stupid. There's a link that says "Click here to view older items", but that doesn't work.

The subscriptions I did add have no title, and I can't seem to add one either.

At the moment, Google Reader is pretty close to useless.

Update: they discontinued this eventually.

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