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Google Plus isn't dead and I sure hope it isn't dying

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I forget where I saw or heard this, but someone mentioned a G+ post and the interviewer or interviewee laughed and asked "Does that exist?". More recently I read a post that snarkily guessed that G+ has less than six million users. The strong implication was that Google Plus is dying because it lacks the users of the big boys like Facebook.

Well, G+ is very much alive. I and other people use it every day exactly because it is not crowded with the type of banal stupidity you find at Facebook and other "popular" networks. If it dies, it will only be because somebody at Google who is as dumb as the average Facebook user decides to kill it. It's not a "ghost town" at all - it's a village of more intelligent and interesting people.

If it does die, I and millions of others will be very sad - there's no place else to go.

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-> Google Plus isn't dead and I sure hope it isn't dying

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