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More frightened journalists

Forbes magazine has a Attack of the Blogs (link dead, sorry) article. It is carefully crafted words that paint the blogging world as a danger to right thinking people everywhere.

This article is guilty of the same faults it paints for bloggers. Generalizations, slanted "facts", convenient omissions and inherent assumptions..

This is yet another example of the fear spreading in those quarters. I used to subscribe to Forbes, Business Week, Time, Newsweek and more.. but now I use the web for everything. These institutions are losing power and money. They aren't going to disappear, but they won't have the influence they used to have, and that's good.

A person who reads only Forbes starts to think like Forbes. A person who reads the web has much more to work with, has to separate crap from gold, and (unless they are only reading one site) knows much more than we ever did in the past.

The journalists often pretend we aren't capable of sorting out the junk. True, some of us are not, but those folks don't read Forbes anyway. They read the junk magazines at the supermarket checkout lines. The rest of us are capable of thinking for ourselves, thank you.

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