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I am taking some articles from this site's Web section, updating them, re-writing parts and adding new content, and putting them at foo-web.com. This site just covers too many different subjects, and it seems better to have separate sites for the various content. As we go on, new web and blogging related articles will only appear at foo-web.com, though there will be links from here to those pages.

I won't be removing content from here. I hate it when web sites do that: somebody has a perfectly good link to a page that someone would want to read, and the idiot web site removes it or renames it and doesn't give a moments thought to broken links. If you feel you must move or rename a page, you can add a redirect that will cause attempts to access the old page to go to the new. That can be done in an .htaccess file, and can redirect to another site entirely if necessary. For example, I might someday do this:

RedirectMatch permanent  ^/Web/technorati.html https://foo-web.com/technorati-tags.html

But many web sites just don't bother. Their loss: somebody redirected to their old content gets a 404 page and probably just hits "Back" right then.

Inexpensive and informative Apple related e-books:

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Take Control of Upgrading to El Capitan

iOS 8: A Take Control Crash Course

Take Control of Pages

Take Control of Parallels Desktop 12

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