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Facebook to kill Google? I don't think so!

© May 2015 Anthony Lawrence

Facebook’s secret plan to kill Google asserts that intention and its inevitability. I agree that Facebook would like to kill Google, but I think the author's assertions of success are off base.

He first points to mobile phone usage and says that phone users don't search, that they use apps. There is some truth there, but Facebook is hardly the only app. I use the Google Plus app much more than Facebook, for example. I would agree that more people use Facebook, but that's not ALL they use. They still go to websites and always will. They'll still see Google ads on websites and when they aren't finding what they want, they still use Google search.

All of that also neglects the fact that today's cell phones aren't tomorrow's cell phones. Usage will change because technology will change. Your future cell phone will have all the ability of a desktop computer and then some. It's impossible to guess what the tech in our pocket will look like in twenty years, but I guarantee it will make an iPhone 6 as laughable as a Blackberry. Of course Joe Average User won't appreciate most of that tech, but he doesn't appreciate it now. He'll still be posting selfies on Facebook, but the rest of us will be using our devices in new and exciting ways.

That brings me to something else: people hate Facebook. I use it because my technologically challenged friends are all there, but I'm no fan. Young people don't like Facebook either. They may not like Google as well, but unlike Facebook, Google has many different tools to offer. You'd be a rare bird indeed if Google doesn't touch you somewhere.

The article also insists that we don't search for news now:

Mobile is drastically decreasing the number of your searches, period. You don’t search when you’re on mobile, you open apps. Let that sink in for a second. When you’re in front of a computer, practically every action in your browser begins with a search. On mobile? Not so much. It’s slow and inefficient to write stuff, that’s why apps exist. One tap and you’re done. The combination of these two behaviors (mobile discovery vs. desktop search) generates probably the biggest threat to Google ever, given that the bulk of its revenues come from search.`

Joe Clueless may passively wait for his Facebook feed to keep him informed, but he's not interested in much beyond sports and whatever the latest scandal is. Those of us with more engaged brains don't wait for someone to spoon feed us. You wouldn't be reading this if you needed Facebook to point you at it, would you?

For that matter, I didn't find that "secret plan" article from Facebook. I found it from Google News :-)

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-> Facebook to kill Google? I don't think so!

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