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Ezoic Day 2

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(See I'm going to let Ezoic mess this site up for part one of this review) The site went live with Ezoic yesterday. There were far fewer issues than I expected, and I am not displeased with the overall results, but I did have to work around a few things.

As Ezoic is showing my original site 10% if the time, there is no way for me to tell what you might be seeing as you read this, so let's put up some screenshots. First up, as a page looked before yesterday.

Old site layout

And then as it might look now. I say "might" because of the multivarate testing - they are testing different templates. What you see now may not be what I saw when I took this screenshot.

Sample of a new site layout


Logo: My blue logo didn't look good in the new layout, so I uploaded a black and white version.

iframes: They stripped all iframes from my pages. That kills my Amazon product links:

Amazon product links

Amazon product links removed

Of course I can replace those with images and my own links, but that's annoying. Ezoic has said that they can put these back; I sure hope so.

Comments: I've wanted to replace the comments here for some time. Switching to Ezoic gave me an opportunity to do that. I've kept the old comments, but put SolidOpinion into place on the new site.

This does have its downsides. If SolidOpinion ever disappears, so will its comments. I don't like that, but I'm going to stick my head in the sand and ignore that possibility.

CSS styles: This could be a biggie: Ezoic strips ALL css from your pages. All of it. All <div> styling too. If you've used css to set off certain blocks of content as I do, it's just gone, baby gone.

Well, most of it. They keep "text-decoration:none" and probably a few other things, but not fonts or colors.

They don't strip <div class="hReview", <span class="fn"> and so on , so my structured data markup is safe, but anything else gets tossed. They need to do this so they can apply their templates without your styles messing them up.

I can work around it. It's easy enough to find where I've used css markup and I'll just find some other way to set off whatever it is I needed. I'm sure a few pages may be tricky, but it's not a show stopper.

So that's where we are. Testing layouts, a few glitches, nothing major. I'm not unhappy.

Why I switched to Ezoic

I'm going to let Ezoic mess this site up

Words can kill


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