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Dumping Swish-e

© October 2007 Anthony Lawrence


I've use Swish-e here for quite a while, but sometime in the next few days I'm dropping it entirely and we'll just let Google find things.

Swish-e is just getting too big: the index is now 17,254,703 bytes and although it used to work better than Google, it doesn't now, so Im going to kill it. I can use the space, it's not giving me the results I want, Google does, goodbye Swishe-e.. .

I do wish Google would let us help them understand how things should be indexed - I'm not saying that they should take what we say as gospel, but for example, if I say that Where do I get "netcat" and how do I use it? is the best match for an in-site search for "netcat", they should give that some weight. Fortunately they do put that page second in their results, but there are other cases where I'd really like to nudge them because I know what pages are best for the search.

Update: Now they do. See Google Custom Search Promotions.

Google's sitemaps would seem the perfect place to do that: just let us add keywords. Google's algorithms could then give a slight bump to those pages for those words and the world would be a better place.

By the way, Swish-e is wonderful for smaller sites.

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