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Dumb comment spam

I had an amusing (though utterly stupid) blast of comment spam earlier this week at one of my sites.

It was hand done, and they pasted the same bragging and link on several of my pages. I use anti-spam software that kicks in if you make too many comments in too little time, so they got blocked after four posts, but that wasn't what was stupid.

Their link was relevant to my site and if they had simply approached me by email or looked for the page there that tells them how to submit a link, I would have been happy to give them a plug. There was absolutely no reason to spam me. His actual site isn't spam, it's legitimate and has worthwhile content.

Of course this jerk was probably so busy touting his site anywhere he could find comments that he didn't even notice that he was at a site similar to his own.

Strange, isn't it? Enough talent and sense to create a decent site, but stupid enough to employ comment spam to promote it.

The end of the story is that I removed the comment spam, but did put in an appropriate link to the site. As I said, it is good content, relevant to my site, so why not. I wrote to the moron who runs the site explaining what I had done, but heard nothing back. That wasn't surprising.

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