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Advertising is a shameful thing

© December 2005 Tony Lawrence

Have you ever heard or read anyone say something like "We don't want to generate the impression that we're just blogging to make money" ?

I wonder why.

I make no apology: I write to make money. Whether the money comes from consulting gigs or advertising, that's why I'm here. I may have other reasons too: it's cathartic, restful, it helps me understand things, it's a source of reference for me just as it is for anyone else, and so on. But money is my primary motivation.

Also: the ads are often relevant to whatever need brought the visitor to me. I don't see those ads as an annoyance: they add value. Advertising isn't shameful.

So: I AM blogging to make money. If you aren't, then you must have some other purpose - whatever it is, it has value to someone. What difference does it make to the reader who found information they wanted? They got what they needed regardless of ads or no ads. Perhaps they say they'd rather not see ads, but that's not always true even if they say it: if an ad is for a product they need, they are happy to see it.

I see no need to make excuses about desiring income.

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-> Advertising is a shameful thing

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