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Chrome tab issues

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I haven't yet switched back to Firefox, but it is getting more tempting every day. Chrome tabs are causing me more trouble than I'm willing to suffer.

Way back when Chrome first came out, one of its advantages was that each tab is a separate process. That means that one bad tab supposedly can't crash your entire browser. As it turns out, that's not entirely true: a screwed up tab can suck so much CPU that your only recourse is to force-quit Chrome entirely. This is annoying and seems to be totally unnecessary: the process can easily see how much CPU it is consuming and should throttle or even suspend itself if it is being greedy.

Suspending inactive tabs is available through an extension called The Great Suspender. It offers:

Unload, park, suspend tabs to reduce memory footprint of chrome.
Tabs can auto-suspend after a configurable period of time or be suspended manually.
Tabs can be whitelisted to avoid automatic suspension.
Suspended tabs are retained after closing and reopening browser, preventing many tabs from all reloading after a restart.

Sounds great, but I'm not going to add any extension that can read and change data on every website I visit!

I can't add third-party extensions that have this much power

This sort of thing should be built in to Chrome. Each tab should also tell you how much ram and CPU it is using so you can spot troublesome pages more easily.

Update: Google explains how it will make Chrome suck less battery

Google's Masterplan To Make Chrome Suck Less

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