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The Buzz about Buzz

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I've been playing with Buzz for a few hours. There is no question about it: this is Wave Light.

There are already plenty of posts whose authors don't understand that - they think this is a Twitter or Facebook clone. No - it's much more than that, but those people never understood Google Wave either, so they won't grok this.

I'm just going to link over Buzz related comments from that Wave post and leave it at that.

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Wed Feb 10 12:22:30 2010: 8051   BrettLegree


I was thinking that exactly, when I saw it announced yesterday. Whatever happens, I think it will be quite useful for my purposes.

Wed Feb 10 12:31:18 2010: 8052   TonyLawrence


Some folks are saying Google is too late to the game.

I think they are missing that this isn't a new site to go to - it's built in to Gmail. I also think that with Facebook having just really ticked off most of its users by making annoying changes to people's pages, Gmail, Buzz may have an even better chance.

Wed Feb 10 13:33:51 2010: 8053   MikeHostetler


For a lot of people, Facebook has replaced email -- at least for personal stuff. If they want to post about what they had for lunch, they do that publicly. If you want to have a one-on-one message, they just send a message inside FB. So in that sense, Google is a little late to the game.

I haven't been on Wave in a while -- mostly because it hard to get other people there. I've tried hard to get people there for conversations but they keep saying they prefer email. I haven't figured out why, except that Wave is one more site to look to see if there are any updates.

Wed Feb 10 13:49:10 2010: 8054   TonyLawrence


For a lot of people, Facebook has replaced email

True - our oldest daughter won't read email - we have to FB her. It's annoying and the only reason is that she has crappy AOL mail and gets too much spam.

FB provides a wall against unwanted messages, but it can also be very difficult to find people. I've had people say "Oh, just FaceBook Friend me!" but when you go to look, there are thirty people with the same name and none has a picture :-)

Wed Feb 10 16:31:00 2010: 8057   TonyLawrence


What is the point of allowing me to select a Gmail group to Buzz if none of the members have Buzz - and many don't even have Gmail???

It actually WOULD be an easier way to communicate with a group - I could use it for club announcements, important Kerio patches.. but Buzz would need to send my message as email if people don't have it and it doesn't seem to do that now.

I assume/hope/expect that if the Gmail accounts I sent to later get Buzz, the old buzzes will appear in their Buzz folder (is the Buzz folder The Hive?)

Wed Feb 10 16:47:10 2010: 8058   TonyLawrence


I just noticed that you can go back and edit your Buzz posts - very Wave-like!

Thu Feb 11 00:13:50 2010: 8059   TonyLawrence


Oh, yeah - this is definitely Wave Light.

Apparently you can link your website(s) to Buzz also. I assume (since it asked me no questions) that it goes looking for an RSS feed? I wonder what happens when it finds multiple feeds.. will it, for examople, pick up my comment feed or just the first feed listed in my site headers? We'll find out.. if this comment shows up in my Buzz, it does.

Thu Feb 11 06:45:26 2010: 8063   EdDSouza


Neither the post nor the comments seem to reflect the privacy leak that this article mentions:

I'd turned off Buzz earlier, simply because I didn't really want floods of social-networking stuff in my inbox, a place I associate with email. The idea that Google rats on me to anyone who wishes to know whom I communicate with the most... that is quite horrible. I feel people should object as a matter of principle, and disable Buzz and complain to Google, until they make sharing of your contact and email frequency etc optional. For people who love Wave, the original is still there; I think we can do without Wave Lite in our Gmail inboxes.

Thu Feb 11 11:56:28 2010: 8066   TonyLawrence


I've seen more than one comment about Buzz being a "firehose".

Folks - that's because you follow too many people. You can't possibly have real relationships with thousands of people. Twitter, by not having true conversations and presenting everything linearly, hides that reality from you - it's like being at a big fair or convention: you may be excited by the noise of the crowd, but you really aren't hearing much of it.

I think Buzz (and Wave) is more for real groups. Groups of friends, a club you belng to, maybe a communication channel for your customers. That's what it is for.

Thu Feb 18 11:24:02 2010: 8097   NickBarron


Looks like more networking rubbish that I need to turn off/ignore or avoid.


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