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Nobody cares about money

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According to a recent survey, only around 5% of bloggers list generating revenue as their main reason for blogging. Of course that doesn't really mean that bloggers don't care about money; it's just that their primary reason for blogging isn't that.

Or is it? Almost 34% (the majority vote) said that their primary reason is for "Visibility as an authority in my field". That's usually related to money in some way. However, a large percentage (more than 31%) said that they blog just to "Create a record of my thoughts", which wouldn't seem to have much financial incentive.

Over 44% of bloggers post one or more times daily but almost 38% are "every few days" and another 18% post weekly or less often.

The main focus of the survey was on bloggers relations with the companies they write about. I had commented on that here in the past and apparently more than 41% share my feeling that companies do a lousy job interacting with the blogger community, saying that companies "don't interact with me" and note that "too few companies regularly do searches of any kind to find what is being written about their company name, products or services".

Blogging is important, but apparently not enough companies understand that yet. Another quote from the survey comments is telling: "Companies need to get past the notion that the blogosphere is driven by pajama-clad navelgazers."

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