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As I've explained before, I'm very willing to add links to sites with relevant content. I'm even willing to stretch the relevancy a bit now and then: if I found the site interesting, sometimes the readers here might also. I'm not hard to get a long with (well, yes, I am hard to get along with, but not in this area).

I'm not willing to add links to some random pile of spammish junk that has nothing to do with anything we ever talk about here. The only time I feel badly about refusing these solicitations is when the site actually is pretty good but just totally unrelated to even the loosest interpretations of what this site is about. That doesn't happen very often.

I think there must be some software out there that seeks out popular sites and sends out form letters. I think the template looks something like this:

I manage a website called [ YOUR_SITE_HERE ] and I think
your site would be of interest to the visitors that regularly
browse my site.

I have gone ahead and given you a link plus a description of
your site from my page at
and I'm just contacting you to check it is ok to have done this
for you?

I would greatly appreciate a link back to my site and if you
are happy to do this then to make it easy for you I have
included the following code...

Yeah, right. I'll jump right on that, you betcha.

I used to just trash those things, but I recently started looking at them differently. When you think about it, this sort of spam actually can be replied to: the email address they give is legitimate, because they want to hear back from people who have added the link. That may not be enirely true: their "link building" software probably checks automatically to see if you did add their link, but I bet that 99% of the time a real person will get your email if you hit "Reply".

I'm going to be a bit cynical and callous now. I'm not ordinarily like this; beneath the mean and gruff exterior a kind and sympathetic heart smiles upon the world. I forgive mistakes, give the benefit of the doubt, put myself in their shoes - all that stuff. But..

That "real person" is either an unscrupulous spammer or a naive and fairly stupid wannabe. Either way, what they want is traffic to their site. So I hit reply, and (using a form letter of my own, of course) invite them to check out the advertising opportunities at this site.

My reasoning is that they were dumb enough to buy this automated link building software, and possibly dumb enough to think that I am actually going to give them a link, so maybe they are dumb enough to buy an ad here.

I don't mean that advertising here is dumb. It certainly isn't if you are advertising something relevant. But for the random spammer wannabe who has asked me to link to their "Your Pomeranian is your Best Pal" site, advertising here would be dumb.

I don't know if I actually would take their ad if they did bite. I probably wouldn't. I've taken ads from Poker sites, but I do write about Poker here now and then, so at least those have some relevance (and apparently quite a few pople visit those advertisers). I couldn't bring myself to help the spammy sites, and my conscience would bother me if some clueless person with a good site wanted to spend money inappropriately. So, in reality, I probably wouldn't follow through, but it does give me a little bit of pleasure to respond to spam with spam. It just balances things off, and makes me smile.

Got something to add? Send me email.

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Wed Mar 8 17:35:01 2006: 1749   BigDumbDinosaur

I'm going to be a bit cynical and callous now. I'm not ordinarily like this; beneath the mean and gruff exterior a kind and sympathetic heart smiles upon the world.

Would you mind if I got a second opinion on that from your wife? <Grin>

Wed Mar 8 18:18:52 2006: 1750   bruceg2004

I was just thinking yesterday, about what kind of person is a spammer? I mean, does this person go to work each day thinking, "What kind of nasty code can I develop today, that will annoy 98 of the people?" Who pays their paycheck, and where do they live?

It kind of makes you wonder about their personality, and demeanor. Do they spend all day coming up with new text and code to fool spam checkers? Do they spend all day trying to take over machines that have security holes, so they can turn them into spam bots?

What a life!

- Bruce

Thu Mar 9 00:00:06 2006: 1751   drag

Ya pretty much.

It's just to bad that morallity isn't a basic requirement for being a intellegent person. Otherwise we'd all be much better off. I figure a typical spammer is going to be someone that is selfish enough to be willing to make thousands of dollars by annoying millions of people.

Think 'shady used car salesman' and mix in 'programmer' and you'll probably get pretty close to what the average spammer is.

Thu Mar 9 02:31:57 2006: 1752   bruceg2004

I sure don't know how they sleep at night. I kind of feel sorry for them. I guess people have done worse things for money.

- Bruce


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