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How can I print to a remote PC that does not have a static IP address?

This is a fairly common problem: you have a PC at home and you make some sort of connection over the internet to your server, but your application needs to print to your PC. That would be easier if your PC had a fixed, constant IP address, but your connection is dynamic so it changes.

By the way: this article assumes a Unix/Linux server. It doesn't talk about Windows apps, though often the solution is exactly the same concept.

There are many, many ways to solve this problem. So many, in fact. that I'll probably miss one or two in this write up. If I do miss something, do let me know: it may help someone else down the line.

Some of these methods involve configuring an LPD printer on your remote Windows machine. That's easy to do with Windows 2000 or XP and Windows LPD clients are easily found for other versions. A Google search for "Windows LPD Server" will turn up hundreds of options, free and low cost. The concept here is that you define an lpd printer on the server, and that its address will be looked up by name.. somewhere. Some of these even help you do that automatically, usually by way of something running on the server that their software can contact. Some things you might want to look at in this area include:

Other ways to do this are to use Windows SMB style printing. That will require Visionfs, Samba or FacetWin on the server and some help for those to "find" the connecting PC. Personally, I like the LPD solutions better, but in some situations the SMB way can be easy enough.

Some Solutions

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Sun Mar 18 16:34:16 2007: 2920   anonymous

Thank you. Very useful.

Tue Jul 15 05:29:47 2008: 4421   AnupKatariya

Thank you for the knowledge you shared with All of us.


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