# # JPR's Visionfs HPLaserJet Printer Script-A.P. Lawrence
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Visionfs HPLaserJet Printer Script- J.P. Radley

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© December 1999 Jean Pierre Radley

NOTE: The 3.1 version of Visionfs ( latest version is always available from Sco's Vision Site) has a new method for installing printers. You can still use the method shown here, but the following command adds a new Unix printer called "winprint" and prints to a Windows share called "HP5" on the machine "Win98_17":

/usr/vision/bin/visionfs print --install winprint
Win98_17 HP5

You may still want to use the methods shown here for the purpose of having more direct control. -Tony

This is a diff format file, suitable for use with patch. It takes as its base the standard HPLaserJet interface found in /usr/spool/lp/model on OSR5 systems and modifies that to include Jose Fernando Scheid Mascarenhas' original Visionfs printing script.

See /Unixart/visprint.html for the original that this comes from.

To produce an interface suitable for use with an HPLaserJet over Visionfs, save the text below to a file. We''l call that "/tmp/jprpatch". Then copy /usr/spool/lp/model/HPLaserJet to another name. We'll call it "/usr/spool/lp/model/HPLaserVision". Then, cd to /usr/spool/lp/model and run:

patch -i /tmp/jprpatch HPLaserVision

Get jprpatch (shift-click with most browsers).

####- CUT HERE - or use ftp link above ####
*** HPLaserJet  Sun Nov  1 10:05:25 1998
--- /u/jpr/hpj  Fri Dec  3 16:30:22 1999
*** 1,4 ****
--- 1,36 ----
+ #       @(#) VisionFSp 1.1 99/01/26 
+ #
+ #       Copyright (C) 1999 UniTech Informatica Ltda
+ #                          Jose Fernando Scheid Mascarenhas
+ #                          SCO Premier Reseller - Brasil
+ #                          Todos direitos reservados.
+ #
+ #      VisionFS Printers
+ #
+ #       Options: lp -oraw  file-name ...  Send without CR to CR+LF convertion
+ #
+ #       This script will redirect the print job to the shared printer
+ #       specified in the Description field of mkdev lp.
+ #
+ #       Ex.:
+ #
+ #       mkdev lp
+ #       
+ #       Printer ---> Add Local
+ #       Name: winptr
+ #       Description:  SHARE=//winstation1/epson
+ #       Model: HPLaserVision
+ #       Device: /dev/null
+ #
+ #       ATTENTION: Change the permission of vfscinfo and vfsprint.
+ #
+ #       cd /usr/vision/visionfs/bin/i3sc0325
+ #       chown root vfscinfo vfsprint
+ #       chmod u+s vfscinfo vfsprint
+ #       stuff above was added to stuff below, July 1999, JPRadley
  #     @(#) HPLaserJet 25.3 95/03/27 
  #     Copyright (C) 1991-1995 The Santa Cruz Operation, Inc.
*** 163,168 ****
--- 195,218 ----
        FILTER="${LPCAT} 0"
+ #Set up printer share name from comment file , July 1999, JPRadley
+ PNAME=`basename $0`
+ PDEST=`lpstat -p${PNAME} -l | grep "Description"`
+ PDEST=`expr "${PDEST}" : '.*=\(.*\)'`
+ #Set up VisionFS location
+ if [ -x "/usr/vision/bin/visionfs" ]
+    then
+    VISIONFS="/usr/vision/bin/visionfs"
+ else
+   if [ -x "/usr/local/vision/bin/visionfs" ]
+      then
+      VISIONFS="/usr/local/vision/bin/visionfs"
+   else
+      VISIONFS="visionfs"
+   fi
+ fi
  export PATH
*** 500,505 ****
--- 550,558 ----
  shift; shift; shift; shift; shift
+ # July 1999, JPRadley
+ # what follows is now between curly braces to pipe to vision command.
+ {
  # print the banner if no banner not specified and reversing is not specified
  if [ -n "$banner" ]
*** 734,739 ****
--- 787,793 ----
        echo "\033%[email protected] enter language=pcl";;
  *) ;;
+ } | $VISIONFS print $PDEST -
  # RS-232 interface insure all buffers are flushed to printer
  stty raw 9600 -parenb cs8 ixon -istrip clocal <&1 2>/dev/null
####- CUT HERE -####
© December 1999 Jean Pierre Radley. All rights reserved

If you found something useful today, please consider a small donation.

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Wed Jan 5 14:08:32 2011: 9203   HPLaserjetPrinter


If your printer hangs on some print jobs, as mine did, go to the HP website and download the March 2010 version of the firmware (or a more recent version if available). The new firmware seems to have solved this problem. Also, it's now possible to buy 3rd party, refilled cartridges. On two occasions, I have bought the cheapest cartridge I could find on the Internet, and both have worked fine, with quality indistinguishable from HP's expensive cartridges. Finally, since I never print graphics, my comments apply to text-only printing.

Wed Jan 5 16:26:45 2011: 9205   BigDumbDinosaur


Why on earth would anyone still be using VisionFS? We (BCS Technology) haven't built a server with VFS since 2001, at which time we went 100 percent with Samba, and haven't looked back.


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