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Empty the Trash

When I took the kitchen trash out to the garage this morning, I once again noticed two small green couch pillows sitting in the trash staging area.. at our house, that's where the plastic trash bags get filled up before they go to the barrel (conveniently located near the front of the garage so that it can be wheeled out on trash day). It's also where cardboard boxes go before I cut them up into bite size pieces. Those pillows have been there for more than a week.

I think they are trash. I have a little hesitation because there's no firm demarcation of Trash Area vs. the rest of the garage, and there is limited space here, so there just might be a possibility that my wife put them here because there's no other logical place for them. I use the word "logical" because that's what she'd say - I have no idea why pillows would "logically" belong on this side of the garage while unused Xmas decorations belong on the other. That's ok, my job is to to lift things and put them where I'm told, not decide their taxonomy.

So really, I'm not sure about the pillows. Might be trash, might not be. I could ASK, but that could be one of those "Stupid Husband Questions" either way: how could I NOT know they were trash, or how could I possibly imagine that these precious family heirlooms are to be tossed out? Either way isn't good..

Strangely enough I have the same problem with the Trash can on my Mac.

It's silly, really: I put the stuff there. Why would I put it there if I still wanted it? Just empty the damn thing.

Well.. but maybe I made a mistake. Maybe I really shouldn't be throwing those files away.. maybe..

In the old days, I would have used "rm" directly and this never would have come up - and no wimpy "rm -i" alias either. "rm t*" - oops.. oh well, that's what backup is for..

But this Trash Can thing.. have you ever looked inside it? I just looked now and it's full of stuff I don't recognize at all (that's because installation programs often use Trash for their own cast-offs). But then there's that long defunct customer folder.. shouldn't I keep that? Yes, it's been almost ten years since I've seen them, they are out of business, but..?

Oh, heck, let it go.. it's in Time Machine anyway.. or will be until that drive fills up, and then I'll just buy another. Hah! So there, Trash Can, your power to destroy has been deflected by Time Machine. No more will your finality taunt me! I can empty the Trash anytime I like with impunity! Your reign of terror is over..

Too bad the pillows aren't in Time Machine..

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Sat Jun 5 13:54:42 2010: 8662   TonyLawrence


My wife told me to put those pillows in the trash this week :-)

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