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SCO Unix Disk defragmenting Crocodile

See also Defragmentation wars.

This is an old article about SCO Unix and is only left here for historical purposes.

Defragmenting of Unix/Linux disks is usually not considered to be necessary, not because Unx file systems are necessarily any better than their Windows counterparts, but because Unix systems are usually multi-user and disk access HAS to be fragmented.

At one time, a company named Crocodile made a disk defragmentation tool for Unix. They, and probably every other company that has tried this market, are no longer selling this product.

Crocodile used to be available from http://www.stallion.com. I have no idea of current status; their Web site seems to be having problems just no.

IMHO, a better way to defrag (if you need to at all, and very few Unix systems need to) is to use a product like Edge: http://www.microlite.com to reinstall.

However, people will insist that they need to defrag. Others will say, sure, but you'll need to do it constantly so why bother?

Defrag Software For SCO Unix discusses SCSI elevator seeks in conjunction with this. The argument is that SCSI drives optimize disk block access by resorting recent disk block requests for efficient access.

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Wed Oct 9 08:38:33 2013: 12344   Bruce


I'm glad you left this article here Tony ... saved me again ;-)

Wed Oct 9 09:04:24 2013: 12345   TonyLawrence


Fascinating - HOW did it "save" you??

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