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Free Unix/Linux/OS X Consultants List

Every now and then I like to remind y'all about the Unix and Linux consultants list we maintain here. It's absolutely free to list yourself here if you are offering any Unixish services, including building websites on Unix/Linux/Mac OSX, programming in any of those, offering consulting, etc. Just send me the information requested at Find a Consultant and I will add your listing.

Now here's the part I'm having trouble with. Listings need to be updated to have value. You may move, change your phone number, take a job, go over to the Dark Side.. I don't want out of date listings and if you think about it, neither do you.

But it's easy to forget this stuff. I make a definite point of NOT bugging the people who sign up on this list. I don't contact you trying to sell you something else, and so far at least the only way I remind people that they should look at their listings now and then is through posts like this and occasional (very occasional) posts in the newsgroups.

Well, I'm going to have to break my iron-clad no contact rule, because there is just too much old stuff here that never has been updated and it's going to have to GO. So, if you are listed there, and haven't updated, at least send me an email saying everything is fine as it is and you want it left there. Over the rest of this year I am going to make an effort to contact the people who haven't done that and then, well, then they are gone if they don't respond.

I'm also thinking of adding some sort of premium listing for a small fee.. maybe something like $48 a year. One of the services of that upgrade would be to notify you when your listing is getting old, and maybe some bolding or highlighting and perhaps some exposure on other pages too.. I haven't thought that through yet (which is why you won't see it on the page), but it's on my short list. But then I get into my "no contact" rules, so how am I going to let you know if I do this.. you'll just have to check the page now and then, won't you? (insert evil laugh here)

Update: I am now offering a premium listing and it is one heck of a deal. Your listing gets bolded and brought to the top of the list AND you get a random text ad at the top of those listings AND you get a random text ad in the sidebar at all articles.. and for only $48 a year, it's unbelievably cheap. THIS IS ONLY FOR UNIX, LINUX and MAC OS X FOLKS!

I'm discontinuing this premium program as of 2009. All paid ads will run for at least one year from time of payment but will be phased out after that.

Or do the free listing if you can't imagine how thousands of views of your text ad every week could be worth $48 a year.. look to the left: one of those could be your ad..

So: for now, you should definitely let me know if you want your listing kept. If you don't, well, eventually I am going to contact you one last time to ask that question again, but why not take care of it now? Updated listings sort to the top when people search for consultants, so you really don't want to neglect this.

Take away points: free, no spamming, no bugging you. Best deal in the known universe.

Got something to add? Send me email.

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Fri Feb 29 18:53:10 2008: 3739   Tony

By the way, this is one page where I don't mind if somebody wants to add it to Digg, Technorati et al. Ordinarily I really don't want that kind of attention, but for this, the wider the audience, the better.

I really mean better for all of us. As I explain at the Consultants page, I do this not just because I'm a nice guy and want to help out other people.

Many times I have had customers say something like: "I don't know anybody else who can help with this Unix/Linux stuff. If we lost you, we'd be in trouble. Maybe we should change our system".

The more people we can point at, the less likely our customers will feel that way. So, while a listing here may do you some good, and may do me good because of increased traffic, it may also do all of us some good.

So go ahead and "Social Media" this if you want. I won't snarl at you this one time.

Fri Feb 29 19:23:58 2008: 3740   BruceGarlock

Please do. I have actually been in meetings, because management wants to switch to Windows, because they think for some reason, that I am the only person out there that can manage Linux boxes. They put an ad in Monster.com, to see how many people apply for a Linux SysAdmin position. From what I have been told, there have not been many applicants, so they want to switch everything to Windows now. Personally, and I will make it known, I don't see why spending around $50k in Windows licenses (last estimate, based on servers, and CAL's that we would need) why they don't take a current or future employee, and send them to get a RHCE. RedHat actually tests you on a "downed" system, so that is about the only certification I can trust.

I would really love to hear from other Linux consultants in MA. I really, really need to hear from you, and soon!



Fri Feb 29 19:28:26 2008: 3741   TonyLawrence

Why don't you try contacting the folks listed for MA here and see if you can get them to send a resume?

No, I suppose that would be cheating.. :-)

Fri Feb 29 19:30:48 2008: 3742   TonyLawrence

But it wouldn't be so horrible to post a link to the Monster ad, would it?

Fri Feb 29 19:53:19 2008: 3743   BruceGarlock

I have asked for the link for the Monster Ad. We'll see if they give it to me!

Fri Feb 29 22:01:50 2008: 3748   TonyLawrence

I was just thinking: if they really want to compare apples to apples, they need to place a similar ad for a Windows Admin with a similar skill set.. though they are probably dumb enough to think Windows needs no skill..

Sat Mar 1 15:59:20 2008: 3751   Ken

I think your no contact rule in this case is a little too strict. If someone wants a free listing, it is not unreasonable to expect to receive semiannual or even quarterly maintenance emails.

The email bounces, they are gone. Or, maybe they don't click a link in the email, they're gone. If one person on the list is non-responsive, the value of the list goes down.

Sat Mar 1 16:13:59 2008: 3752   TonyLawrence

I know that you are dead right; I just hate bugging people.. oh well, it has to be done..

Sat Mar 1 23:25:11 2008: 3753   TonyLawrence

Well, I sent out email today.. very few dead addresses.

I included an offer for a premium listing at $24 a year - it includes a random text link ad right in the left column here - it's a heck of a good deal, but surprisingly few people have taken advantage of it yet.. their loss, honestly.

Sun Mar 2 01:16:58 2008: 3754   BigDumbDinosaur

The 24 dollar per year thingie sounds like a good deal to me. Howcum I didn''t receive your E-mail about it?

Sun Mar 2 01:20:40 2008: 3755   TonyLawrence

It is a good deal - a fantastic deal, honestly, but I haven't sent it out to everyone yet.. my poor mailserver didn't like sending out the 600 I have sent out already - guess I should have spaced them out a bit :-)

So I'm going to give the poor thing a rest before I pester everyone else..

Mon Mar 3 15:15:11 2008: 3764   BruceGarlock

So, only 10 people have applied, with this up for TWO weeks:


Any takers?

Mon Mar 3 15:21:50 2008: 3765   TonyLawrence

Well, they could run the same ad for Windows.. I wonder how many more responses they'd get..

Mon Mar 3 15:31:11 2008: 3766   BigDumbDinosaur

So, only 10 people have applied, with this up for TWO weeks:

I'd apply except that the commute between my location and your location is a bit much. <Grin> Besides, someone would have to take my place here and run this mess. I can't imagine anyone willing to do so. They'd be working like a horse to get fed like a chicken.

Tue Mar 11 08:46:13 2008: 3832   MichaelAbboud

I've taken up Tony's Premium Listing offer - I think its a bargain.

Regards from Sydney, Australia.


Tue Mar 11 10:27:14 2008: 3833   TonyLawrence

I'll be doing some stats on this at the end of the month. Right now, a week in, there have been 188 raw accesses of Premium links - of course many of those will be search engine bots following links, and I will filter those out later, but the ads are definitely working.

Sun Apr 20 00:57:48 2008: 4074   TonyLawrence

Amazingly enough, I sent out notices more than a month ago and just got some replies THIS WEEK!

How on earth can folks ignore email for so long?

Sun Nov 2 15:20:58 2008: 4718   TonyLawrence

For those of you who were smart enough to sign up for the $24.00 a year:

I'm keeping the price the same for you for next year at least. However, NEW listings will be $48.00 yearly - still a tremendous bargain, of course.

Sun Nov 2 22:33:01 2008: 4723   MichaelAbboud

Great stuff Tony. I'm glad I signed up when I did!

And I've gotten definite hits from being here.

BTW: Did you ever get those stats done?


Sun Nov 2 23:58:02 2008: 4724   TonyLawrence

I'm sorry - I never did get around to adding tracking code.. I'll try to get to that this week.

Mon Nov 3 01:03:12 2008: 4725   MichaelAbboud

Hey Tony,

I wanted to pose a question to the Unix / Linux consultants who visit your site, but I'm not sure what Section to post it to. The question is this:

What type of Helpdesk / Support ticketing systems are in use out there by my support colleagues? I use OTRS. I have found that having ticketing system tied to my support email address really adds a level of professionalism to my support offerings.

I'd be interested in feedback / comments about this topic.

Michael Abboud
Sydney, Australia

Mon Nov 3 01:04:43 2008: 4726   TonyLawrence

This is as good a place as any..

Mon Nov 3 01:09:46 2008: 4727   BigDumbDinosaur

I use the technologically archaic system called paper and pencil. Never crashes, never goes off-line, no BSOD, etc. :-)

Mon Nov 3 01:12:23 2008: 4728   TonyLawrence

I don't use any system either, but I don't do typical "support" very much so I really don't need any such thing.


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