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Subject: Re: Syslog getting fat

It's rare to need bootp. It's a precursor to DHCP; very few devices exist today that would need this at all (though many do still offer it as an option: even the wireless printer I bought in 2010 CAN be configured with bootp!).

If you need to use it, the likely problem is that you have a messed up bootptab and need to correct it. It seems to me that there was something else that could cause this, but it's vague: perhaps that a DHCP request was being misinterpreted by bootp (the protocols are extremely similar and bootp isn't all that bright).

If syslog fills up with messages like:

 Feb 22 16:11:02 my_box bootpd[8548]: version 2.3.5
 Feb 22 16:11:02 my_box inetd[339]: /etc/bootpd: exit 0x1
 Feb 22 16:11:03 my_box bootpd[8549]: version 2.3.5
 Feb 22 16:11:04 my_box inetd[339]: /etc/bootpd: exit 0x1

It's a simple fix: if you aren't using bootp, disable it in /etc/inetd.conf

See The '/etc/bootpd' daemon fails to start "Can not get my IP address". also.

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Tue Sep 5 22:32:18 2006: 2440   anonymous

I have the same problem, but with a twist: two server set up the same (one is a failover for the other) but the error only occurs on the primary. The failover server is fine. The file /etc/booptab is set the same on both. I used sum -r to get the value and they are exact. What would cause one to have this problem and the other to be fine???

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