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A Gentle Reminder About Backup

It's time for another reminder about the importance of backup. Earlier today I had a client with a crashed RedHat box. It probably won't be too hard to recover - it's primarily a web server and he has the config and files safely stored - but it has already sucked down a few hours of his time and it will be more before he's functional again,

If you are running SCO, RedHat, Centos, Suse, Debian (see BackupEDGE - Supported Platforms for the full list), you really, really should consider Microlite BackupEDGE.

Yes, there are free backup products similar in capability and features. If you are a talented Linux admin, you can roll your own backup solution - you don't absolutely need this. However, your time is valuable and this is a convenient, powerful, and easy to use backup/recovery solution.

This will backup to just about anything - tape, cd, dvd, NAS, ftp sites. You can optionally encrypt the backups. Backups can be compressed, fully verified and of course it's all unattended with email or printed results and complete log files.

In the event of a disaster, this can recover a dead system to its normal, functional state using BackupEDGE backups and bootable floppy disks, CDs, DVDs, REVs, or OBDRtm or DRTape tm Bootable Tapes. (Also boots from the network via PXE on supported platforms.) If you have to put in a bare hard drive, the procedure is the same: boot, restore, run. No OS installation, no scrambling to find how filesystems were configured - BackupEDGE takes care of all that.

You can download a trial from Microlite. This software has saved my butt time and time again at multiple clients. I recommend it highly.

I sell this for $325.00 (extra cost for encryption). If you need multiple copies, I'm happy to quote on that.

Yes, this is a sales pitch. But it's also an important reminder that your backups are very important.

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