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Tony Lawrence: showmem script

for i in 10 11 12 13 14 15
case $i in
        10) blk=A;;
        11) blk=B;;
        12) blk=C;;
        13) blk=D;;
        14) blk=E;;
        15) blk=F;;
for j in 0 1 2 3  
skp=`expr $i \* 4 + $j`
case $j in
        0) echo "       ${blk}0000 contains:";;
        1) echo "       ${blk}4000 contains:";;
        2) echo "       ${blk}8000 contains:";;
        3) echo "       ${blk}C000 contains:";;
dd if=/dev/mem bs=16k skip=$skp count=1 2> /dev/null | hd | sed -n "1,4p" 
done | pg

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