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Bruce Garlock came across this script and asked the authors for permission to republish it here. This was the author's response:

Hm, how old this ditty is? I did not really touch Samba for a very loooong while. Does it still works with current versions? I even do not really remember how this script looks although I can roughly imagine.:-) I thought that at least in some moment this was included with some other third-party examples in Samba sources. I may mix that with some other two- or three-liner.

If you think that this is still useful then, sure, go ahead and publish it. It is already somewhere on the net. I hope that it is not too grotty. Likely faster to throw in something like that when you need it instead of trying to find it somewhere.


Bruce notes: FYI: I have tested this on SAMBA 2.2.7, RH AS 2.1

This is a perl script that sends out a SMB Message to all users via "WinPopUp", using SAMBA. I thought it would be a nice addition for the code section of the website. The authors and credits are part of the perl script.

#@(#) smb-wall.pl Description:
#@(#) A perl script which allows you to announce whatever you choose to
#@(#) every PC client currently connected to a Samba Server...
#@(#) ...using "smbclient -M" message to winpopup service.
#@(#) Default usage is to message every connected PC.
#@(#) Alternate usage is to message every pc on the argument list.
#@(#)  Hacked up by Keith Farrar <farrar@parc.xerox.com>
# Cleanup and corrections by
# Michal Jaegermann <michal@ellpspace.math.ualberta.ca>
# Message to send can be now also fed (quietly) from stdin; a pipe will do.

$smbstatus = "/usr/bin/smbstatus";
$smbshout = "/usr/bin/smbclient -d 3 -M";

if (@ARGV) {
    @clients = @ARGV;
    undef @ARGV;
else {  # no clients specified explicitly
    open(PCLIST, "$smbstatus |") || die "$smbstatus failed!.\n$!\n";
    while(<PCLIST>) {
        last if /^Locked files:/;
        split(' ', $_, 6);
        # do not accept this line if less then six fields
        next unless $_[5];
        # if you have A LOT of clients you may speed things up by
        # checking pid - no need to look further if this pid was already
        # seen;  left as an exercise :-)
        $client = $_[4];
        print "\n",$client;
#       next unless $client =~ /^\w+\./;       # expect 'dot' in a client name
        next if grep($_ eq $client, @clients); # we want this name once
        push(@clients, $client);

if (-t) {
    print <<'EOT';

Enter message for Samba clients of this host
(terminated with single '.' or end of file):

    while (<>) {
        last if /^\.$/;
        push(@message, $_);
else { # keep quiet and read message from stdin
    @message = <>;

foreach(@clients) {
    print "To $_:\n";
    if (open(SENDMSG,"|$smbshout $_")) {
        print SENDMSG @message;
    else {
        warn "Cannot notify $_ with $smbshout:\n$!\n";

exit 0;

Got something to add? Send me email.

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I had use the smb-wall.pl script as base for other scripts. I would publish this scripts under the GPL-License. Now I'm looking for the author Keith Farrar to ask him for his "yes", that I can do this.
Please Keith Farrar look at my homepage www.tei-lin-net.de and contact me to say your meaning to my wish to publish the script "smb2lmhost", "smb-wall" and "smb-user-wall" under the GPL-License.

Heiko Teichmeier


There exists a module on CPAN called Net::NetSend ( https://search.cpan.org/~greb/Net-NetSend-0.11/ ) which does send Windows popup messages directly. No Samba client is required to use this module.

(November 27, 2004)

Sun May 29 06:26:04 2005: 590   anonymous

I contributed the script to the Samba team as a GPL Perl script.
-Keith <farrar@parc.xerox.com>

Thu Feb 11 10:33:22 2010: 8065   anonymous


This is not complaint. Its my request to you. I have installed Ubuntu in my machines, now i want to communicate (send and receive ) messages between my computers. For that i want real popup messaging software. So, please could you kindly help me?



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