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lp2status.h for SCO Unix 3.2v4.x

© December 1997 Tony Lawrence

Outdated material; included only for historical reference

January 1993

/* lp2status.h */

#define LPEXIST 0x01
#define SLEEP   0x02
#define LPBUSY  0x04
#define TOPEND  0x08
#define WAIT    0x10
#define EXCLOPEN 0x20
#define OPEN    0x40
#define MAGIC 25628

struct lp2 {

unsigned short Lpflags;
unsigned short DeBug;
unsigned short Ccount;
unsigned short Icount;
unsigned short spindowns;
unsigned short wsleeps;
unsigned short spinloop;
int Low_water;
int Highwater;
int Wait_int;

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