Library Cross Reference

This is a cross reference of libraries needed by Skunkware and other binary packages and where to obtain the library or other needed tool. You know you need a library when the program fails to work; sometimes it is friendly enough to tell you what it needs, but sometimes it is not.

You can check dependencies with "ldd", which will list all required libraries for a given program. You should do that when a program fails mysteriously.

The problem, of course, is that the typical developer already has all kinds of stuff already installed on their system, and just doesn't take the time to compare a ldd with what is "stock". Of course, even if they did so, I know of no easy method on OSR5 to trace back where a particular library could have come from. Thus this index, to which I hope folks will contribute knowledge.


OS Package Requires From Notes
OSR5 Ghostscript libpng Glib (Skunkware)
OSR5 GNU Compiler Linker and Application Development Libraries SCO install CDROM SCOFAQ
OSR5 GNU Compiler make Make (Skunkware)
OSR5 GNU Compiler ar ?
OSR5 GNU Compiler as tls706 (TLS) 5.0.0, 5.0.2
OSR5 Mutt libncurses ?
OSR5 Openssh Glib (Skunkware)
OSR5 Samba smbclient libncurses Libraries
OSR5 Gimp (various libraries) Glib (Skunkware)
OSR5 vim gtk+, Glib, ncurses
OSR5 RCS diffutils

Thanks to Ian Peattie, J.P. Radley,

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