Being confused can sometimes help


I have a customer who uses Cox Cable for their business email. Yeah, I know, that makes me shudder too, but I have not been able to convince them to try Kerio Connect. Cox may be one of the very worst, but you can't beat their pricing: it's almost free.

This customer purchased another domain that they want to use for a recently purchased subsidiary. Yesterday I had an email from their IT guy that I will paraphrase here.

"I registered the new domain with Network Solutions and they are handling the DNS. I know that I need my MX record pointing to Cox, so I called Cox and asked them to do that. I've been checking for a half hour now and the MX hasn't changed - do I need to be more patient?"

I actually had typed "Yes, more patience" and was about to hit "Send" when I realized there was something very wrong with what he said. Did you catch it? There's something awry there.

Here's the problem. He said Network Solutions has the DNS. Fine. But then he said he asked Cox to change the MX record. Unless Cox has his Network Solutions login and password, they can't do that and I doubt that they would anyway. I called him up and asked him to confirm what he said. As soon as I said "But Cox can't do that", he realized his error. Actually, he had asked Cox to accept the new domain as an alias of his regular email. He'd need to log into Network Solutions and change the MX record himself.

If he had not been so specific in his original email, I might not have noticed the problem and he would have waited a long time for that MX to change!

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