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Unix Linux Certification Exam Resources

Not all of the material below is directly related to certification tests, but anything that tests your knowledge can be useful in preparing for exams. I think it's also fun just to self test, even without any intention of becoming certified.

By the way: when using search engines to find sample exams, be sure to try different keywords: "linux certification tests", "linux sample exam questions", "sample tests", "certification quiz", "free sample tests", "sample exams", etc. You won't find everything out there unless you do.

These are other resources, free and otherwise, for testing your knowledge of Unix and Linux or preparing for certification exams.

If you have certification resources that you would like listed here, just let me know. If you'd like me to review your site, write to me about that. I'll require an account for at least a few days and can only promise to be honest in my opinions.

See My Skills Tests also.

Certification Resources

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