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February 2008: These tests are all badly in need of update. Some questions are incorrect because of changing technology and others just make no sense in today's IT world. I do intend to update these, but it's a big project..

I do keep the links to other resources up to date fairly regularly.

I've had various complaints about my tests. Things like "that's RedHat 9 specific" or "that's a hardware issue". Yes - some of the questions are OS version specific and some are hardware related. The PURPOSE of these tests is so a qualified person can DISCUSS answers with a job applicant. The tests are FREE: you can pay hundreds of dollars for tests that have similar defects. Some of those are listed farther down the page.

My tests are not specifically geared toward certifications, but several folks have used them to prepare for certification examinations and have told me that they were helpful. I have a LOT more questions and answers than most of what you'll find out there, and that includes some of the much more expensive testing suites.

See Unix/Linux Certification Exam Resources also.

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---January 21, 2005


Sat Sep 29 07:46:56 2007: 3170   anonymous

Linux has great names for it's distributions. But all this*\*** can't match Windows. In fact it is at win95/98 level and is not completed ever. Sorry, I loved ubuntu until I found that one wrong distro address stop updating process. Act as a homosexual guy. More and more looks as windows with different icons. Grub, lilo, forget it.

Sat Sep 29 15:23:49 2007: 3171   BigDumbDinosaur

What was ^^^that^^^ all about? Is he a disgruntled Linux user or a mole planted by Bill Gates?

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