Hassle free SSL/TLS?


Although the process of obtaining and setting up certificates for HTTPS has become a little old hat for me after so many years of doing it, it does remain a bit of an annoyance and hassle and barely a month goes by where some customer doesn't call because they tried to renew a certificate and failed miserably. It's not always easy, is it?

That's the issue Let's Encrypt intends to fix. According to them, in the Summer of 2015, it will all become as easy as this:

$ sudo apt-get install lets-encrypt
$ lets-encrypt example.com

They say that from then on, it's all automatic, including renewals. The certificates are free, also. Pretty cool if it really will be that easy.

You can find technical details at https://letsencrypt.org/howitworks/technology/ and at https://github.com/letsencrypt/acme-spec. I'm looking forward to seeing this become real.

Update: said to release November 16th 2015. See Github. According to that, this could be as easy as "$ sudo letsencrypt -d www.example.org run".

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