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Canary is a good idea at a ridiculous price

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The idea of a honeypot to trap and identify intruders isn't new, but this Canary box is using the concept as a sentinel: any sign of access plainly means that the network has been breached. The Canary is simply a warning: someone is up to no good.

Good idea. But the price is something else: $5,000 for a "start pack" that consists of "two Canaries, a dedicated console, and two annual licenses for alerts, support and maintenance.".

Wow. For something you could do yourself with virtual machines and a tiny bit of creativity? Five large for that? I guess they are hoping there really is one born every minute, right? If there actually is a market for this, somebody less unrealistic is going to offer the same thing at a far more reasonable price.

Canary Tools

Canary box aims to lure hackers into honeypots before they make headlines

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-> Canary is a good idea at a ridiculous price

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