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SME Server

I do not sell this product now. See Kerio instead.

The original E-Smith is now called Mitel SME Server V5. There is also a hardware/software bundle referred to as the Mitel 6000 Managed Application Server.

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The SME server (E-Smith) is a nicely packaged Linux based server available both as free and as a fee based supported product. It is a web server, email (uses qmail, not sendmail), file and print server and more. It's very flexible, and unlike many such products, allows customization through the use of a template system.

Ordinary system administration is done through a web browser, but the full power of the Linux command line is available to you if you want it.

Firewall rules are enforced by iptables. The SME server can operate in server and gateway mode or behind an existing firewall. If you want a web or email server that is easy to setup and use, this is a great choice. You can download the free version from https://www.contribs.org/ or you can Email for more information or a demo for the fee based version.

Also see https://www.dungog.net/sme/products.php

The SME server is installed on ordinary Intel hardware. Note: this is NOT a product you install on an existing Linux system; this is a complete integrated operating system that you install on dedicated hardware.

There is an active user community for the free version at E-Smith Bulletin Boards. Please don't write to me looking for help with that: I do sell the fee based version and for that reason cannot help you unless you want to upgrade to the supported version. There are qmail consultants listed at the bottom of this page who may be able to help.

I no longer sell the fee based version. It was an excellent product, but Mitel has not updated it recently so I no longer recommend it or sell it.

The SME server fee based version includes virus scanning, web access control, groupware, and more. It also includes easy updating for patches, bug-fixes and any security issues that develop.

I looked at and even sold a number of different products before settling on the E-Smith/SME server. I like that this is easy for a non-technical person to use through the web based admin browser, but also that a technical user can get complete access to the inner workings. Most of the functionality is controlled by shell scripts that can be modified, and source code is available for just about all of it. The flexibility of being able to act as the firewall or work behind an existing firewall is also useful. There's just a lot here to like.

These people MAY be able to help you; see also www.contribs.org

Got something to add? Send me email.

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