Are you kidding me? The never ending lawsuit


I just about fell off my chair when I read It’s alive! Utah software company’s decade-old suit against IBM revived.

There are dozens of old articles here about this long lived legal effort (see SCO Lawsuit below). In some of them, I suggested that although I think it would be a really bad thing if they won, they might just have a point. Linux definitely is a Unix ripoff in look and feel and it would not be surprising if some code was taken too. That caused many thoughtful and loving messages from the Linux True Believers. See Opinions vs. Hopes below for what ticked them off.

Well, let's hope they don't win. That would be a gargantuan mess and although it might make my 145 shares of SCOXQ stock soar from its present value of zero dollars and zero cents, it would deeply depress me. The world needs Linux and it doesn't need SCO asserting any ownership rights, which is what I'd assume would happen should they be successful against IBM here.

Well, nothing to do but wait. I just checked Groklaw and they hadn't yet updated anything. I wouldn't blame them if they read that announcement, did a facepalm, and decided to ignore it!


SCO Lawsuit

Opinions vs. Hopes

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