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HP makes me grumpy

© September 2009 Anthony Lawrence

Earlier today, someone posted a question in the comments. It was simple enough:

sco open 5.07 ml 350 g5 sas e200i when i issue a reboot or shutdown -g0 -y -i6
it starts a shutdown but will not reboot it just hangs nor does it say ok to power off
it i issue the command without the i6 it give me the poweroff mesg how can i get the auto reboot comand to work? if i can not should i just use the shutdown without the i6

I was immediately ticked off and annoyed.

First, I've had a bad cold the past few days. Second, the article where this question was posed is totally unrelated to the question. Finally, I really hate it when people don't use punctuation and capitalization!

Yes, I AM a grumpy old fart.

So, I instructed the person to post at the Forum, but instead they sent me money by Paypal.

Aaargh! Now I have to think about this!

Thinking about anything SCOish fouls my mood anyway, but asking me to think about it with a cold is really a bad idea. Nonetheless, I tried and responded with this:

The question is where it is hanging.

When you change to init 6, the "kill" scripts run. One of them is hanging on you.

You might be able to spot it with "ls -lut". If not, the next easiest thing is to add an

echo "I am $0 trying to run"

as the second line of each script. Once you know WHAT is hanging, what to do next may be obvious or it may take more work.

I would say you could start by just doing the first and last in each directory - that will narrow down where you need to search.

I forgot to mention that you could also trace shutdown, but that does involve more work.

An hour or so later, the poster told me he had found the answer at SCO's TA's: "The shutdown(ADM) command does not shutdown or reboot my HP Proliant System", which explains that it's HP's "hpasm" driver that hangs. That hpasm is one of those "value added" things that HP and Compaq love adding to their servers. It (link dead, sorry) monitors temperature thresholds, fan, processor and memory failures. Oh, and hangs your system sometimes.

Obviously I needed to refund his money, which I immediately did, but he then argued with me, saying that I had "got [him] on the right track". I don't agree, so I let the refund stand.

SCO's suggested fix is to edit /etc/conf/sdevice.d/hpasm, change the "Y" to "N", relink and reboot. Of course that isn't a fix: it just disables hpasm.

Anyway, as much as I dislike inappropriately placed comments and bad punctuation, I shouldn't have been so grumpy - and I should have thought to check SCO's TA's myself.

Oh, well. At least he found the answer!

Got something to add? Send me email.

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-> (SCO Unix) HP makes me grumpy - hpasm shutdown hang


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Wed Sep 16 13:35:41 2009: 6913   BigDumbDinosaur

Just for others' edification, you can look in /etc/rc0.d/messages and review the status files to see what was the last thing to successfully complete during a shutdown hang. The file prc_sync will enumerate each shutdown script that was run and subsequently terminated, along with a terse description of the termination status.

BTW, I've run into this shutdown error in the past with HP boxes and routinely disable hpasm. It's quite apparent the code in that utility is flawed, along with the H-P network printing junk that SCO shipped with OSR5. If someone wants to be worried about the server's interior temperature I install one of PC Power's over-temperature alarms.

Wed Sep 16 13:40:18 2009: 6914   TonyLawrence

Yes - I had forgotten that.

Wed Sep 16 14:31:53 2009: 6915   BruceGarlock

I recently purchased 8 HP Proliant servers, and their Linux integration is absolutely *PAINFUL*. I consider it ALPHA software, and simply disabled all that "Code" that HP installs. I'd rather look at the lights on the server, than have their software email me when there is a problem.

The number of service packs they release to fix broken code, is just uncalled for. I'd have to schedule downtime at least once every couple of weeks!!

HP/Linux, No thanks. They don't seem to care or have a clue. HP is in bed with MS anyway. The decision to purchase the HP servers was not my call, and was made mostly on price. I wanted to go with IBM, which I have had great luck with linux, and they actually contribute a lot to linux. HP just seems to care about MS, despite what their Marketing says.

I tweeted about my HP pain a few months ago, and this issue was just one of the many I ran into with the HP linux tools. My advice is not to install it. I'll try it again in another few months on a development server, but not on a production. I was getting pages in the middle of the night, because there was an issue with the HP tools issuing a 'halt' command to the server, during low processor usage! WTF? How can they let that through QC?

OK, I need to calm down, but I just wanted to say that HP makes me more than grumpy. I get outright ticked off when I have to deal with their software, and it started years ago with a Compaq Proliant system, and apparently is still an issue for their engineers.

Wed Sep 16 14:37:28 2009: 6916   TonyLawrence

Yeah, Compaq always ticked me off too, and for the same reason: those "Extended Feature Supplements" that were often complete crapola. That, and that you always needed special drivers and even special tools! Compaq used TorX screws - always annoyed me to go dig out the Torx for a stupid Compaq box.

Thu Sep 17 13:39:22 2009: 6923   BigDumbDinosaur

All of these server issues aren't a problem if you get your servers from BCS Technology. <Grin> We even sell them bare if the purchaser wants to do his/her own OS load.


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