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My SCO Knowledge (and interest) is fading fast

© May 2008 Anthony Lawrence

The other day someone called me about removing hard drives previously added to the kernel configuration.. my mind went blank.

I said that I knew it was "mkdev dot-something" and told him to look in /usr/lib/mkdev with "lc -a". I was too busy to look there myself (and didn't have easy access to a SCO box right then anyway) but told him to look through the "." files in /usr/lib/mkdev to see if something looked right. I also told him that it could be done manually and quickly referred him to https://wdb1.sco.com/kb/showta?taid=105052 and hastily said "You need to take the stuff out of mscsi, remove the device files.."

And I didn't mention space.c and for some reason he didn't read that article (maybe he wasn't able to get email where he was) so he got all screwed up.. had to restore parts of /etc/conf from backup.

Here's the thing, folks: my knowledge of SCOish details is fading. My *interest* in things SCOish is going away even faster. Yes, I can still help you with most things, but that list of things is slowly getting smaller because I'm simply forgetting it - it's not getting used often enough, so it's going away.

It is time to get off SCO. Way past time. Think about it.

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-> SCO Unix knowledge fading fast


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Sun May 11 15:31:14 2008: 4187   markBrown

Don't feel bad about losing the SCO knowledge base.

But the good news is that it is really (but only theoretically) something like (but not really)
System V

I learned (and cut my teeth) on System V, and then Sun/OS, so I have both sides covered at least.

and now solaris (and linux) are (both!)

Sun May 11 22:17:41 2008: 4189   TonyLawrence

Of course: I did a lot of SunOS, a tremendous amount of Solaris, some AIX.. but it's the SCO admin stuff that I'm forgetting. Not the raw basics, but the little tricks and gotchas.


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