Why I won't answer questions about SCO Unix 6

People ask me technical questions about SCO Openserver 6. I can't answer them because I have no experience beyond SCO 5.0.7. I never had any customers upgrade to 6 and have never run it myself. I did install it once in a Virtual Machine, but honestly I did little more than boot it and log in once. Then I removed the VM and that was that.

Yes, I could probably guess about some things and have a good chance of being right. It is, after all, just another Unix version and I've worked on many, from Xenix to Solaris. I could guess.

But I have no interest in doing that. I honestly don't have much interest in answering questions about SCO 5.0.6/7 either, but I did so much work on those versions that at least the answers spring out without effort. I may not be happy about helping (because really nobody should be running any of that junk today), but I can do it easily. With SCO version 6, I can't answer with confidence without Googling for confirmation. I could do that, but that would be a bit of a farce, wouldn't it?

So I simply refuse to take questions about SCO 6. It's easier that way.

By the way, I won't help with SCO 5.05 or anything older for similar reasons - I have simply forgotten too much about those earlier versions.

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