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SCO 5.0.7 under Fusion with a BTLD

© February 2009 Howard Fried
Howard Fried

Just wanted to say thanks for posting Jonathan Moore's SCO Openserver 5 install instructions for using SCSI disks. The Bus Logic BTLD, although quite a pain to "derive", ultimately worked great!

As a contribution back, I have attached the floppy image I used, as a convenience to the rest of the folks out there who might be a bit intimidated trying to find a non-XP windows box... :-)

Also, a few notes:

I created my VM under Vmware Fusion for the Mac, 2.0. I followed those instructions, and guessed when the steps did not exactly match.

I also used OSR5 5.07 install boot floppy and CD.

Other than that, works likes a charm.

I now have a SCSI disk based OSR5 server!

My next step, in case you have some experience or tips, is that I would like to convert this vmdk to a vhd, and run it under Citrix Xenserver. What do you think?

Got something to add? Send me email.

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-> SCO Unix 5.0.7 under Fusion with a BTLD


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Sat Feb 7 19:33:54 2009: 5336   TonyLawrence

I haven't done anything with Citrix Xenserver but perhaps someone else can offer some help?

Sat Feb 7 21:58:28 2009: 5338   AXenGuy

Citrix has a tool that will convert VMDKs to a form that can be imported into XenServer. Find it here: (link)

Sun Feb 8 00:07:56 2009: 5339   Howard

Question to the VMware ESX community...

Could someone please try this one a clean ESX install? I don't currently have access to one...

If you follow the killer "Moore" recipe, and use the link to the Bus Logic SCSI driver bltd, I think you can do a very easy install. Am I wrong?

Please post back your results...



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