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Sony Cyber-shot DSC-S60 Digital Camera

© August 2005 Tony Lawrence

A few weeks back, I bought my first decent digital camera. Two weeks later, the lcd display stopped working. Pure white, nothing there. It still took pictures, but random aiming is just a little less than I need. So I returned it, and bought something better.

The Sony Cyber-shot's encompass a lot of different models; the DCS-S60 is at the lower end of the scale with a price tag of $229.95. The major upgrade from the camera I returned is that the Sony has a real zoom lens.

The lens on the other camera had bothered me a bit: it was always exposed. With the Cyber-shot, the lens retracts and is covered when the camera is shut off. I feel better about that.

I also liked that most of the controls on the Cyber-shot are manual buttons and knobs as opposed to having to call up a menu on the lcd screen. There are more advanced functions that do require the lcd menu, but most of the day to day stuff can be used without that.

The DSC-S60 comes with a "Read this first" quick start fold-out that gives you basic usage instructions. I found that quite annoying: first, it should be a pamphlet rather than this unwieldy (14" x 20") piece of paper that I could hide my iBook under.

read this first paper image

Secondly, the User's Guide, which is an appropriately sized pamphlet, does not include things covered in the quick start paper - the index refers you to Step 3 in "Read this first" and so on. Everything should be in the User's Guide - EVERYTHING. If I had been using digital cameras for years, maybe that basic usage material would seem childishly obvious, but for now, I have to keep referring back to it and do not like having to look in two places.

The battery life is supposed to be much better with this camera. I used up quite a few AA batteries with the other camera, and decided to spend the money on longer lasting lithium batteries this time. The manual asserts that I can get at least 260 minutes and 400 or more pictures from one set of batteries; that will be a big improvement.

One minor glitch: when connected to my Mac, iPhoto can't delete the pictures in the camera. That's no big deal, but I don't need these pictures after I transfer them and it's a little annoying to delete them one by one. On the other hand, I notice that a lot of people nowadays seem to use their digital camera as their traveling photo album, so it may be that I'll actually want to leave some pictures there permanently. We'll see. I'll have to buy a memory stick if I want more than will fit in the built-in 32MB.

I'm not a camera geek. Photography has never interested me very much, but probably a lot of that was the complication of loading film, getting everything focused and set right for the light, and most of all the delayed gratification of having to wait for pictures to be developed. A lot of that goes away with a digital camera, so who knows, I may become much more of a fan.

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-> Sony Cyber-shot DSC-S60 Digital Camera


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Wed Aug 24 18:46:22 2005: 1021   bruceg2004

Make sure you get a "fast" digital media card. I was able to take pictures much quicker, since the save time was faster using a higher speed SD card. For digital cameras, this is a great feature, and certainly saves you money in film development.

I have always preferred Sony devices, however my current digital camera is Kodak, which I could not pass up at the price I got it at. I am sure my next digital camera will probably be a Sony, like my camcorder. They have very intuitive controls, over most other manufacturers. I rarely need to refer to a manual for any of my Sony devices, where other devices I have used in the past, have left me head scratching, and reading the manual.

Enjoy the new camera!

- Bruce

Thu Dec 22 13:46:44 2005: 1456   Bob

I totally agree with your comments about having to consult the main book PLUS constantly refer to the "Read this first" sheet. It's absurd.
I've just discovered how to delete all photos at once. Once in the picture playback mode, use the (-) zoom button to display 9 or 16 pictures. Then when you push the Delete button, you'll get the choice of deleting one or all images.
I'm still trying to find if this is even mentioned in the camera's documentation.... that's how I found your website. :)
PS: I just found it... in the "Index mode" instructions".

Wed Oct 25 05:46:43 2006: 2552   dsc60user

Hi All,

I have been using the DSC S60 for over an year now, and off late am facing a problem with the zoom. When I Zoom-IN -> Click -> Zoom-OUT, there is a message on the LCD saying, "Please turn off and on the camera", and the camera gets locked unless restarted.

This invariably happens with every Zoom operation performed. And it gets very depressing to restart tje camera 5 times a minute.

Can someone throw more light on the reason\solution of my problem. Any help would be appreciated.

Wed Oct 25 08:19:38 2006: 2553   TonyLawrence

I haven't had that problem, but have you tried a fresh battery yet?

Wed Oct 25 10:57:43 2006: 2555   anonymous

I generally use sets of Sony 2300mAh rechargeble cells.

Sun Apr 8 12:58:04 2007: 2952   anonymous

this site was very helpful. I've been trying to delete all photos at once, and just learned how to do it.


Wed Oct 17 19:05:33 2007: 3197   anonymous

Thanks for the help on how to delete all photos at once!!

Sat Feb 16 18:06:18 2008: 3659   anonymous

I have been SO frustrated with my inability to delete all photos at once. I just got back from a trip and have over 400 pictures, and was not looking forward to having to delete each one of them individually. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for the tip about getting rid of them all at the same time!!!!

Thu May 22 23:24:09 2008: 4229   anonymous

I have this camara for three years and I suddently cannot get the flash to work. There is a weird symbol on the screen and I cannot figure out how to get rid of it. Any suggestions?

Sun May 25 10:26:39 2008: 4234   TonyLawrence

Would the "weird symbol" be the No Flash symbol? Looks like lightning bolt with a circle around it and a slash through it? Press the Up arrow to return to normal.

Mon Nov 10 20:37:01 2008: 4759   anonymous

How simple it was to delete all the pics. You would think they would put that in the instruction book. Thanks so much.

Tue Dec 2 18:30:09 2008: 4832   anonymous

Thank you so much for the advice on deleting photos, I would have had to delete over 400 indidually otherwise! many thanks again


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